Supply and installation of rebar and wire mesh

Established 45 years ago and leader in the field of the reinforcing steel in Quebec, Acier d'armature Ferneuf is a manufacturer of reinforcing steel for the reinforced concrete, and installs them on building sites across the Quebec province. Located in Laval, our company accomplish several construction sites such as the dams of the Bay James, bridges, skyscraper, and many others.

We manufacture and install any types of reinforcing steel for concrete, on any type of projects, everywhere in Quebec and east of Ontario. We work mainly with the general entrepreneurs, but we can also supply materials necessary for private individuals.

We accomplish works in the sectors of residential and commercial building, the bridges and viaducts, through construction of hospitals and condominiums, subway stations, pumping stations and filtration stations and waste waters treatments, etc.

In brief, it is with strength and dynamism that our team accomplish your projects, while respecting its objectives and your priorities, which is the safety of the workers and the installations, the quality of the accomplished works as well as the respect for schedules and due dates. Opt for the team Acier d'armature Ferneuf and you will have a major asset to bring to a successful conclusion all your projects.

Presentation of the team

Established in 1971, the leadership of the company is assumed by Jasmin Trudel, supported by an experienced team.

You will find at Acier d'armature Ferneuf staff committed and appointed to the realization of your projects. That these are small or big, we shall bring it so much care and precision in its execution. And your project will be alwayrs accomplished in due time, according to your schedule. It is our commitment.

Manufacturing and Installations

The factory of Acier d'armature Ferneuf is constituted by five lines of productions of straight steel, and other machine tools for the production of spirals, columns, and else. We have in inventory all the diameters and grades necessary for the execution of your works, and the deliveries are made by our own trucks.

Accredited by the ACQ, and member of the Institut d'acier d'armature du Québec (IAAQ).