What you buy at Acier d'armature Ferneuf is not a product, but a peace of mind. By doing business with Acier d'armature Ferneuf you know that your steel will be delivered "just in time" and will be installed according to the "best practice", when you need it. A concern out of your mind on your building site.

To succeed in realizing this, we get through all the stages thru the estimation, the detail, the manufacturing (or prefabrication), delivery and installation.


We accept your requests under any forms, which can be paper, electronic file AutoCAD, TIFF, PDF, and any other. We shall adapt ourselves to your needs, and we can give you a firm or a unit price, delivered or installed, as needed.

It will also please us to work with you to find the most economic solutions for the most difficult situations.

Detailing and materiel take-offs

We proceed afterward to the elaboration of the plans of the reinforcing steel for all the surfaces of construction. Each of these steels is recorded on a delivery note which you receive with every delivery on the building site.

You can consult here the typical bars bends list used at Ferneuf.


When everything is well coordinated and approved with the specialists, we proceed then to the manufacturing of the rebar. Our steel came in 18 metre bars, or in 2,000 metre rolls for the diameter of 10 mm and 15 mm, which is cut in the required length, and then folded or formed according to every item of drawings and specifications.

The Ferneuf's factory has five lines of productions for straight bars, and many other machine tools for the production of spirals, columns, and the other specialized forms. We have in inventory all the diameters and grades necessary for the execution of your works.


When necessary, some pieces can be assembled into the factory, and deliver on the construction site ready to be set up. This is particularly useful in restricted or dangerous places, which would be otherwise difficult to set up. The assembled piece is then put in place easily and quickly on the construction site. This also allows a time saving on tight schedules or fast due dates.


We possess a complete fleet of vehicles to make the delivery, among which 3 tractors, 20 platforms, and 4 dompeurs trucks. We also have a delivery service with skyjack allowing us to deliver on certain construction sites without a crane. By controlling our own deliveries equipments allows us to make deliveries "just in time" when required on the construction site, providing you a quality insurance and security into the schedule.


Our foremen in charge of our installation's staff have more than 20 years of experience with Acier d'armature Ferneuf, and know well our methods and processes, guaranteeing you a quality of work which is always uniform from the beginning to the end.